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Our Story

The 515 Broadway Family collectively have 20 years of history and experience supporting the right to choose natural healing therapies through medicinal cannabis. Since The Compassionate Use Act, enacted November 5, 1996, the Founders of the Collective have worked to provide safe access to alternative medicine, initially working directly through the Sutter Aids Foundation, and American Cancer Society to reach out to patients in need of relief from pain and other symptoms related to terminal illnesses. Through the years, providing safe access to medicinal cannabis has enriched their community based involvement, providing opportunity to learn the personal stories of the patients they serve with an abundance of compassion. Medicinal cannabis has been the forefront of not only compassion directly related to cannabis as a healing therapy, but has directly impacted those benefiting from the donations and sponsorships that the Founders supported through their not-for-profit efforts.

Meet the Family

515 Broadway Collective is proud to maintain a high standard of professionalism, experience and compassion. The Collective’s selective hiring process seeks individuals who have personal involvement in the medicinal cannabis movement, medical research and development, and or community outreach/involvement. Patients can be confident that not only do our staff have cannabis based knowledge and experience, they have a sincere desire to provide helpful assistance and friendly, personal service to each patient.

515 Broadway Collective promotes an environment which fosters health, happiness and a balanced lifestyle, and considers it important to include a well-rounded approach to a positive work place. The staff at 515 Broadway Collective must undergo basic studying, testing, and ongoing training to maintain a level of knowledge, experience and service to meet the high standards Collective Members have come to expect during their visits. The Collective appreciates the efforts and commitment of all staff, and values the importance of each individual’s resources and ability in maintaining physical and mental health. The Collective is proud to provide Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits to support the staff, and their goals for health and wellness in their daily lives.

We welcome you to meet our 515 Broadway Collective Family.



Asia attended Arizona State University and majored in Social and Natural Science. She also studied at Pima Medical Institute of Arizona. Her more than twelve years of medical experience was spent working with patients and doctors in family planning, urgent care, male health centers and cosmetic surgery. She enjoys promoting activities in Community that foster health and wellness, and has contributed to various programs and events. She has given time to coach youth soccer, provided caregiving for the elderly, volunteered at church fairs and events, and volunteered at the food bank. Her Community involvement, and her motivation to promote health and wellness, inspired her to learn about the natural healing properties of cannabis, and advocate for its medical use, and education. She provides assistance to those interested in selecting cannabis as an alternative, and enjoys her satisfying role helping others attain improved quality of life through a holistic approach.



Darian, a Certified Medical Assistant and Pre-Nursing Student, has been inspired to help and support others by promoting health and wellness. Her volunteer work in the Community assisting the elderly in nursing homes, and providing assistance in Food Banks has given her a glimpse of the need for improved wellness in the Community, and has motivated her to continue making a difference.  While working in the medical field, Darian has learned about the potential impacts of prescriptions, and would like to see more research and support for natural remedies. She enjoys the opportunity to serve patients, and wants to utilize her position to support others in their goals for improved health and wellness.



Elise,  a former Spokeswoman and Advocate for the Children's Miracle Network, has dedicated years to supporting and volunteering for children's activities. She also used her positive presence in the Community as Sacramento Kings and Monarchs Dancer, to teach dance to kids and young adults, proudly serving as a positive role model for healthy activities promoting joy and fitness among youth. Her supportive and service oriented personality has earned her various awards and certifications in customer service, including titles such as "Legacy Representative." She is a very strong believer and advocate for Medicinal Cannabis, and enjoys learning about and sharing her knowledge of natural alternatives for supporting health and wellness within the Community.


Ginnette, a Lincoln Tech Institute Graduate, studied Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Business Management and Ethics. Her desire to learn about healing therapies for the mind and body, also inspired her to obtain her license as a Massage Therapist. She truly enjoys working with people in her Community and assisting them in choosing healthy and holistic ways to cope with medical conditions. She is a believer in the medical benefits of natural medicine and a holistic approach to a well-rounded healthful lifestyle. She enjoys her position as a Broadway Budtender as  it is the perfect platform to promote health and wellness through cannabis and natural healing therapies.

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Jennifer, very involved with Community Health, worked in the health industry for the State Department of Health, and also spent 18 years as a Registered Nurse. Her love and desire to make a difference in our community was obvious while she spent 7 years with the Girl Scouts working with young women and guiding them as their Troop Leader. She truly enjoys working with people and knowing that she has an interactive role making a difference. She is focused on health and wellness, and motivated to make a difference in the lives of many. She holds an essential position as an Administrator and Staffing Coordinator, and supports the efforts of the Collective to make a positive impact, while providing safe and legal access to our Community.


Kelsey, a College Student majoring in Criminal Justice, has completed courses that include Biology, Psychology, and Drugs and Alcohol. During her courses of study, she learned about the human body, mind, health, and the detrimental impact of drugs. Realizing that prescription misuse, overuse, and addiction is more common than many may realize, she found an eminent need for availability of accurate and more updated information about medicinal cannabis as a natural and more safe alternative to prescriptions. Kelsey hopes to see progress in public wide access to accurate information to help to overcome stereotypical perceptions that prevent people from seeking and experiencing relief without detrimental health effects to their bodies.

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Laurie, seasoned in public service and customer relations, has a broad range of experience interacting with the community and its members. Laurie’s professional background includes emergency dispatch with the Highway Patrol, working as a caregiver in care facilities for the elderly, assisting with developmentally delayed children and caregiving for patients with medical needs. Her commitment to provide assistance and support is appreciated by patients in their efforts to make educated and effective decisions while choosing to medicate with natural alternative medicine. Laurie enjoys making a difference helping to improve quality of life by providing assistance, education, and friendly, professional service to each patient.

Rachael, a student majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainable Agriculture is inspired to promote natural remedies for health and wellness in the Community. Her interest in seeing the development of healthier alternatives and lifestyles motivates her to learn and share her knowledge with others. She has contributed to the Community by volunteering for environmental programs for kids, and her love of animals brought her to intern at a cattle farm and volunteer at the SPCA. Her main courses of study, combined with her support for wellness in the Community, inspire her to participate in a movement that strives for natural healing alternatives which are good for mind, body, and the environment.


Taylor, a Sacramento City College Student, firmly believes in the medicinal benefits of cannabis. She appreciates the opportunity to provide cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. She loves making a difference in her community and has shown her love for people working with Special Needs Students as a Para-educator, and in her Volunteer Work at Loaves and Fishes.  She will continue to proudly serve her community through her work with patients at 515 Broadway Collective.         



Vanessa, a trained Behavior Technician, has worked for ten years with children with Autism.  She is trained in Crisis Communication for adults and children with special needs,  and loves spending her free time helping out and staying involved with the Autism Community.                                                                          

"I'm passionate about the cannabis industry because I've seen it help so many of my students in such a beautiful way."

 Vanessa has dedicated her time and interest to assisting the members of our Community who need her the most - helping with youth in the classroom, helping coordinate and provide day trips for adults with special needs, and by doing anything to contribute her help when and where needed.  She loves the opportunity to continue supporting the Community through our Collective, providing safe access to the natural medicine and health benefits she has witnessed and grown to respect and appreciate so much through her experiences.

Interested in Making a Difference?

We love what we do! If you have professional cannabis training (or experience working with medical patients) and love working with others to make a difference, we would love to hear from you!